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Inspired by African Skies

Overlooking Keurbooms Lagoon, Lookout Beach and the ocean, Hilltop Bayview is 3 minutes’ drive from central Plettenberg Bay. On a clear day you can see the mountains of Tsitsikamma looking out over the beautiful valleys and forests of the Garden Route. Rooms with fitted kitchens and dining areas offer stunning ocean views, with a coastline of sand and rocks stretching for miles. Schools of dolphins can be spotted there throughout the year, but whales are usually only seen during the breeding season from July to December.

Our inspiration for the muted blue, green and grey color schemes came from the unblemished colours of Africa’s clear skies, the Olifants River and the wildlife of South Africa. 

The spacious apartments are well-appointed, and each has an individual theme, which is reflected in the textiles, photos and furniture to tastefully remind you of the South African National Parks. Each apartment has elegant furnishings, a balcony as well as IP TV, Nespresso Latissima coffee machine, fridge-freezer, stove, toaster, kettle and PC safe. The private bathrooms are equipped with generous walk-in showers, hairdryers and vanity kits. The spacious honeymoon apartment, with separate kitchen, offers panoramic views of the sea and the lagoon. The apartment house has a heated outdoor pool with sun loungers.

The Weather in Plett

The climate here is generally temperate and pleasant. On summer days you will find highs between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius, on winter days it is up to about 18 degrees Celsius. However, the winter nights can be very cold (even if temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees).

Your Hosts

Georg & Viola

Viola has worked in the service sector at management level for the last 30 years. Through work and many international holidays, she knows what guests need to feel like they have “arrived home”. 

Running an apartment house and hospitality are not hobbies for her, but industries that require focus and commitment. This means that every guest at Hilltop Bayview will receive world-class service and amenities in an atmosphere of South African hospitality.

Georg has worked as an international sales and marketing manager and travelled the world both for business and leisure purposes. Through his countless overnight stays in hotels, lodges, and guesthouses, sometimes for several weeks at a time, Georg knows what constitutes high-quality accommodation and what is necessary to feel at home.

We are both from Germany and share a passion for traveling and meeting people from all over the world.

In recent decades, we have invested our time and resources in travelling to many different countries in Europe, Asia, North America and especially South Africa. However, when we first set foot on South African soil, we knew we had arrived home.

An experience, a must for every nature lover: to see the Big 5 in their natural habitat. That’s what the iconic Kruger National Park is famous for. An abundance of wildlife means you are likely to see lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo making up this famous list.

When we first saw the Big Five with rental cars in Kruger National Park, we stowed our memories in our planning inspiration box to transfer this magic into our three apartments.

Kruger Park apartment inspired by the Big Five, the Addo Elephant Park apartment with the big elephant herds, and of course the Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park apartment where we could watch the first 5 lions hunting.

These experiences gave us the inspiration to open a first-class accommodation in South Africa. The smile and friendliness that the people here had given us reminded us of the warmth and hospitality of the people all over Africa, which we also want to offer our guests. 

During our adventures, we got to know very special people, plants, and animals. This experience has shaped us and we enjoy sharing our love, adventures, and memories with the guests of Hilltop Bayview.

activities in plettenberg bay

The Adventure Capital of South Africa

Tsitsikamma National Park

South Africa is rich in natural resources, and a number of these treasures can be found in and around Plett. The Tsitsikamma National Park is home to a number of them and is characterized by the impressive landscape of forests, mountains and coastlines. This is also the park where the famous Otter Trail meanders through the beautiful grounds. There are a number of other, less challenging hiking trails through the areas that call for excellent day trips and lifelong memories.

Whale Watching

Every year, between July and December, humpback whales, southern right whales and killer whales can be seen on the shores of the Western Cape. They gracefully cross the coasts. Sometimes they are very playful and curious, then they stick their heads out of the water, jump around, or you can see them pitching their flukes. You can either observe this from the rooms of the Safari Guest House, or we can book you a formal whale-watching tour on request – We recommend Ocean Blue Adventures.

Robberg Nature Reserve

Only eight kilometers south of Plettenberg Bay lies the Robberg Nature Reserve (A World Heritage Site) with the nature reserve of the same name. It is the address for nature lovers and hikers. With a bit of luck you can observe seals, dolphins, seabirds and whales at the right time of year.

The hiking routes in the Robberg Nature Reserve:  The easiest and shortest circular trail is The Gap with 2.1 km and about 45 minutes running time. On the middle tour Witsand with 5.5 km you are about two hours on the way and with 9.5 km the longest route The Point leads around the peninsula in four hours. All three hiking trails are interconnected so that the chosen route can be extended or shortened as desired.

Kurland Park Horse Trails

Hog Hollow offers various riding trails on one of their powerful, trained horses to discover dreamlike surroundings.

There are paths that lead through the nature reserve, or the forest, depending on your available time and what you would like to see. On your way, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for birds and small mammals. The forests and bushes are their natural habitat.

One of the most popular trails is the “Cruise the Crags Trail”, the driver takes you on a three-hour expedition that includes visits to wineries, Monkey land, Birds of Eden, Tenikwa Cat Sanctuary, the Elephant Sanctuary, Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary and the Mill Craft Centre.

The Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve (Formerly known as Nashorn Base Camp)

This reserve is home to three of South Africa’s Big Five (lion, rhino and water buffalo). A safari on this reserve is a must for visitors who want to get a real taste of South African wildlife. Of course, there are also hundreds of other animal species, such as Giraffes, Hippos, Baboons, wildebeest, bush pigs, caracals, cheetahs and crocodiles, these animals are best discovered on a riding safari or a game drive.

Knysna Elephant Park

African elephants have lived in the forests around Knysna and Plettenberg Bay for generations. Over time, the number of wild elephants has greatly decreased, so it is very rare to encounter a wild elephant. Knysna Elephant Park is a sanctuary for orphaned elephants and those rescued from culling and circuses. To learn more about elephants, visitors are welcome to feed and interact with these elegant giants.


During a guided tour through the forests of Monkeyland, you will find a variety of animals in their natural environment.  Some of the inhabitants are ring-tailed lemurs, red-bearded fishes, black and white varies, howler monkeys, bolivian squirrel monkeys, langurs and baboons. Environmental stewardship is a top priority at Monkeyland, which means visitors are not allowed to touch the animals.

Birds of Eden

This award-winning sanctuary consists of the world’s largest dome, which stretches across local forest areas and is home to a variety of bird species. Some were saved, others abandoned. Now they all live in their ideal habitat, while visitors can stroll along wooden walkways and get up close and personal with these colourful birds. Currently, Birds of Eden has more than 3,500 avian members; from ibises to Knysna Loerie, to a range of colourful parrots.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary has been home to a number of predators since winning the World Responsible Tourism Award. These include lions (tawny and white), hyaena, Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, leopards, jaguars, caracal, wild dogs and pumas. The spacious enclosures allow visitors to view the animals up close without harassing them.

Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation & Awareness Centre

Here you can walk with wild cats and you will be advised important information about the animals. For example, the dangers of animals or how important it is to support South Africans and tourists. The interaction with these magnificent predators will always be remembered and offers you beautiful holiday photos.

Township Tours

A township tour is a great way to get to know South African culture and share stories with locals at the same time. Ocean Adventures, one of the organizers for such tours, takes the visitors to the heart of a local info-efficient settlement called Qolweni. There you can visit a crèche, see performances by the children, meet some of the women from this community, visit the Spaza Shops and a Shebeen (a local tavern). The money earned from such tours is used by Ocean Blue to pay teachers and general maintenance of the school.

The Harkerville Market

Every Saturday, the nearby village of Harkerville hosts an exciting market showcasing the flavors, sounds and tastes of South Africa.

The market has a very rural atmosphere and is a lively combination of a craft market and a farmer’s market. In addition to the stalls, a fresh, hearty breakfast is served under the trees, allowing friends and families to relax in the idyllic atmosphere.


Plettenberg Bay, SA

At the time that Plett was discovered in 1487 it was named Bahia Formosa by the Portuguese who found it. This means “beautiful bay” and Plettenberg Bay has more than earned the name due to its magnificent landscapes and coastline.

Enjoy a luxury holiday in

Plettenberg Bay

The Hilltop Bayview apartments were inspired by our own travels. Through the influence of our special memories in each of the elegant apartments, we are happy to accompany our guests on their own exciting journey.